Worldwide Medical Assistance

If a medical or travel emergency arises while you are travelling outside of your home country, our team can:

  • make referrals to medical providers or other health facilities
  • provide emergency medical consultation and support
  • conduct medical monitoring
  • manage medical repatriations and evacuations
  • interpret medical reports and liaise with medical staff overseas
  • provide guarantees of hospital and medical expenses
  • manage the repatriation of mortal remains

Travel Assistance

Our travel assistance includes:

  • assisting with lost passports and other travel documents
  • provide information on local consulates and embassies
  • arrangement for compassionate visit
  •  locating local legal representation
  • relaying urgent messages
  • facilitating emergency cash advance
  • coordinating emergency travel and accommodation arrangements

Guarantee of Medical Expenses

We will assist in the arrangement of hospital admission guarantee to facilitate smooth hospital admission.

  • available for all major hospitals and medical centers across the globe
  • cost-containment for high cost countries including USA and Europe

Air Ambulance

Gearing towards being an emergency assistance provider, AAA is responsible to ensure optimum response performance, resource availability and top service quality to its members.

  • Emergency response
  • Non-emergency & long distance transfers


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